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Medicare Supplemental & Long-Term Care Insurance in Monroe Township.

You have Car, Home and lIFE Insurance, What about LTCi ?

Over the past 25 years, Insurance companies in the US have seen an increase in care needed for their clients who have turned 65. This is simply, because they are living longer than their parents therefore getting sick later in life is possible.

While we are living much longer than our parents did, therefore the chances that we will need more care for a longer time than they did is also possible.

But as you live longer the chances that you could develop something that will require Custodial Care is inevitable.  Think about that!

You have a choice,

Let your children take care of you and upset their lifestyle and possibly be a burden on them or transfer the responsibility to an organization that is licensed by the insurance industry and the state, to care for you while your family monitors their services.  It's just that simple.  Nursing Home Care or Care at Home.  You decide.

Cost of Care

Today in 2018, well run nursing homes  cost about $200 per day.  Statistically, the average stay in these facilities is 3.1 year or 37 months, at that rate, that is about $ 219,000 out of pocket.  The government will not pay for Custodial Care. It is not part of the Medicare program.  Do you have that kind of cash available or are you willing to go on Medicaid?  

If you look into a Long Term Care insurance program from of the leading companies in the USA and that are licensed in New Jersey, you can purchase coverage for as low as $1,500 per year.

You can use your retirement funds for care or hire a licensed organization here in Monroe, to do the work for you.

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