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Medicare Supplemental & Long-Term Care Insurance in Monroe Township.

Medicare Supplemental Information

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Basic Medicare Supplemental Insurance Coverage

Simple facts and Information

If you are spending $3,000 per year or more and have a Zero Dollar deductible, after seeing your Medicare doctors 10  times that year, you have spent $3,000 minus a small Medicare service charge.   

However, imagine spending under $700 per year (for a 65 year old female) and seeing your doctors 10 times a year and paying a low co-pay, imagine saving $2,000 yearly.  Would you prefer that?   

$2,000 per year times 10 years = $20,000 for you.  What about your significant other?  It adds up!

If you are interested in saving your money on a Medicare supplemental program, give us a call and ask for Paul.  (732) 241-0800  He will discuss your payment program in simple words.

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Some companies try to confuse you with numbers to confuse you, but there is one company that can save you money and show you in simple terms just how much money you can save.  

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Different Programs for different People at different costs!

Pay a lot

Depending on your age in New Jersey, you could pay as little as $0 up to $6,500+ per year.  Medicare and your Medicare Supplemental policy may pay the rest.

Pay a little

Depending on your age in New Jersey, you could pay as little as $620 per year plus a small co-pay resulting in an annual out of pocket of $1,000.

Save money

What is the difference? $2,000 or more depending on your doctors co-pay billing.  Interested in saving money?

Interested in Rates for Medicare Supplemental Insurance?

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Medicare Supplemental High Deductible Plan F Rates 2017-18 (pdf)


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